About Together Tree


About Together Tree

At Together Tree we understand that life can feel very hard for children who have experienced trauma.

Life can also feel very hard for parents looking after these children too, so at Together Tree, we come from a place of empathy for both children and parents.

Based in Norwich, Norfolk, we work with both children and their caregiver(s) together, to help children and families grow stronger. These children might be living with their biological families or families made through foster, adoptive or special guardianship.

At the forefront of our thinking is that through the relationships children have with their parent/caregiver(s) that recovery from trauma can happen. This is at the heart of our work.

‘Parents’ could be anyone in a primary caregiving role such as biological parents, adoptive parents, foster carers, special guardians, step-parents or other birth relatives.

Children’s trauma could have happened through experiencing domestic violence, parental drug and alcohol misuse, parental mental health problems, neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. In many cases it will be a combination of these.

It’s often, as a consequence of these experiences that children need additional help. Children tend to show how they are feeling through their behaviour and this can be confusing and very difficult to understand and to help them with. Children can find being in close relationships with parents very challenging and many children experience the effects of Developmental Trauma (see ‘What is Developmental Trauma?’). Therefore, our aim is to provide therapeutic interventions and parent support, informed by best practice and current understanding of developmental trauma and neuroscience, in order to help children and parents build better relationships, become closer and to feel more connected.

Together Tree works sensitively with parents and children to help them recover from their difficult experiences. Parents and children can learn new, healthy ways of relating, in a safe therapeutic environment.

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…Helen is like a treasure chest full of little games/exercises which to the children are just fun games but each game has a hidden purpose designed to help each child individually. We played games to boost his confidence and more importantly the exercises replaced moments that he missed out on when he was little, yet done in a clever way that he thought it was fun. We still play Helens games ourselves and Helen had such a deep influence on him that when a card arrived for him in the post I said 'it's from a lovely lady' he shouted 'it's from Helen' and he hasn't seen Helen for almost 12 months.

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