Support work in schools


Support work in schools

Theraplay® can be used within school settings either as an intervention to work with individual children and parents as traditional child and family Theraplay or as Group Theraplay.

Theraplay is used widely within some schools in other parts of the UK. Together Tree would welcome the opportunity to develop Theraplay approaches in local schools.

Theraplay groups can help build children’s self-esteem, trust in others, friendships and positive teacher and child relationships.

What is a Theraplay Group? 

A Theraplay Group is a structured play group for children directed by adult leaders. During the group, all the participants, adults included, are actively involved together in pleasant, enjoyable activities. Through the use of cooperative and often nurturing games, a Theraplay Group enhances a child’s self-esteem, the sense of belonging, the ability to trust and to care for self and others. Leaders create an atmosphere of fun, caring, acceptance, and encouragement which allows children to grow socially, emotionally, and often intellectually as well.*

*The Theraplay Institute, Group Theraplay training handout 2016.

Quote Mark

Helen worked as our son’s therapist when he came to us after his adoption. She very skillfully led my son and myself through Theraplay sessions working through early life trauma and enabling attachment. The difference these sessions have made in our son’s life is remarkable

Quote Mark