Support for parents


Support For Parents

Together Tree recognises that sometimes, a direct therapeutic intervention is not always required or that trust and understanding needs to be developed between parents and practitioner first.

Together Tree can provide support/advice and consultation in relation to:

•  better understanding children’s behaviour in relation to their past experiences

•  therapeutic parenting responses and approaches

•  children’s trauma responses, dysregulation and the impact of this

•  advice about treatment (whether this results in provision by Together Tree or other agencies, whichever is most appropriate for the child and family).

This can be a one-off consultation or regular, on-going sessions as required.

Quote Mark

Helen gave me the confidence to talk through difficult experiences with B without distressing him which has deepened our relationship and he now feels able to talk to me more too. Helen talked about his experiences which at times made me hold my breath and my heart pound and yet she did it in such a way that he was thoughtful but not at all upset and we were able to continue afterwards in a calm and happy manner. I can’t express my gratitude for that enough, my fear of upsetting him further was replaced with a confidence of being able to help him.

Quote Mark